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Time and Space

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Our significant others are remarkably accommodating women.  Mike’s main restraint is time, while mine is space.  Without support from our partners, we wouldn’t get around these restraints.  Mine has dealt with wheels (and bikes, and boxes, and various other stuff) crowding her out of our living room for so long she’s probably forgotten what it’s like not to have them there, while Mike’s family might be in danger of forgetting what he’s like (just kidding – it’s just a lot of work for him to cover all his bases).  We’ve often referred to the idea that space is just an...

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Economies of Small

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I've worked for and with a lot of different companies. All have either been big, or doing everything they can to get big. It's like an unwritten goal of every business - to be number 1 or 2 in your industry and somehow harvest that leadership position.  Dave and I talk a lot about growth, but never about getting Big. Part of the reason is that Big is a really far away point on the map, but the other part is that we're not sure we want to go in that direction anyway. We like being small. For one, it...

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We're Hiring Wheelbuilders, Trained and Trainable

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**EDIT AT 6/10** We've had a STAGGERING response to this post - like simply mind blowing and we appreciate all of the interest that people have in building wheels for us, learning to build wheels, and generally being a part of what we do.  We're working with two wheelbuilders now, who are able to take care of our current needs.  However, we are planning a venue to help people become expert wheelbuilders.  Stay tuned for more on that.  THANK YOU!  Every new business has challenges. When I worked for other companies, challenged were a PITA because they made my job...

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Real World Durability Testing

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Dave and I talk a lot about what I refer to as "meaningful points of differentiation." Differentiation is the ways products are different (real or perceived), though the meaningful part is more important to us. It's great if your frame has a proprietary RDSC Carbonic Scrim designed to enhance cornering arcs and precisionism, but not all "features" in the modern racing bicycle seem destined to improve a bike's performance.  We believe that bikes at this level are 99% the same, and we differentiate by ignoring the diminishing returns from the other 1% and charging hella less. In a sense, much...

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Weight - there's more!

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So the Wheelhouse frames are in, and a bunch of them are already built up ready for angry pedal turning this weekend. In addition to all the pre-orders, we took some additional inventory in the most popular sizes to meet our MOQ (that's bike-company for Minimum Order Quantity, the only acronym we use around here, except possibly ASAP). We've since sold out of size 6 (57.5cm top tube) but have a handful of size 3, 4 and 5 frames left (top tubes of 53.5, 54.5 and 56.0 respectively) for immediate delivery. We put up a gallery of the frame on...

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