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Forever wheels?

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How will the accelerating market shift towards disc brakes affect the wheels you buy and the people you buy them from? Search me, but read on to find out what we think might happen.

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For the price...

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Price is an important parameter in any purchase decision. Read a more long-winded version of that statement below the fold.

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RCG36 Disc Wheels

Dave Kirkpatrick carbon disc gravel RCG

Yesterday, we teased some news on social media. Here's the story behind our RCG36 builds.

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Knight 29 Race Carbon rims: What's to love?

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We thought it would be nice to get a bit granular on why we've specifically selected some of the carbon rims we're building with now, so here is what we like about the Knight 29 Race rim and what uses to which it's best suited.

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