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Time and Space

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Our significant others are remarkably accommodating women.  Mike’s main restraint is time, while mine is space.  Without support from our partners, we wouldn’t get around these restraints.  Mine has dealt with wheels (and bikes, and boxes, and various other stuff) crowding her out of our living room for so long she’s probably forgotten what it’s like not to have them there, while Mike’s family might be in danger of forgetting what he’s like (just kidding – it’s just a lot of work for him to cover all his bases).  We’ve often referred to the idea that space is just an...

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Carbon Fiber Violins and Scandium TT Frames

125214666 Behind the Curtain

Some of the suppliers we looked at when sourcing our frame are industry-agnostic specialists in material composition - carbon fiber, in this case. One we considered manufactures and sells bike frames and, among other things, carbon fiber violins. Now you're probably not in the market for a carbon fiber violin - but I am. My son is 9, plays second violin in the Levine School Junior Chamber Ensemble, and is also a pretty decent bike racer. He's one of the few people I know who would appreciate a carbon fiber violin. Which is to say, I'm one of the few...

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